Allergic to the Couch Potato

“Hey, how about you run around the block a few times and then come back to us?”

This is a line I often hear when I am on holiday. I was not blessed with the couch potato gene and unfortunately too much free time can make me slightly crazy.

I remember one of my favourite teachers at ballet school saying to our class, “it takes double the time to get back to the fitness level you were in, in relation to the days you take off, so four days of rest is eight days to get back into the condition you were in before the break.” This is why it is important to maintain some upkeep in physical condition while on holiday.

Pointes in the lounge

Pointes in the lounge

At fear of sounding just like a health food TV commercial, it’s all about balance. I’m not talking about throwing myself fanatically into extreme workouts every time a holiday comes looming. Like a used battery, holidays are a great time to mentally and physically recharge. Rest is very important. 10 days of vacation time was bestowed upon the NZ ballet dancers after our season of Coppelia. Once a day I have kept up some form of physical exercise. Here are examples of the type of things I do to maintain physical fitness during time off. I write this from my lounge room floor where I am currently typing whilst sitting in side splits…

Side split writing + my terrible bunion that made it into the shot!

Side split writing + my terrible bunion that made it into the shot!

Dancing requires a combination of strength, endurance, flexibility and core balance. Fellow dancer and ex roommate, Mayu Tanigaito has been my inspiration on the flexibility side of things. Every night when I shared a flat with this incredibly talented dancer she would spend the last part of her evening stretching. I have copied! I spend 20 minutes or more each night stretching. It’s such an incidental way of maintaining physical health with the comfort of being at home and watching a movie, reading (or writing a blog on your laptop) at the same time.

The best part of a holiday, for me, is catching up with family and friends abroad! My dad and I love going for long bike rides around Melbourne. Occasionally I like to head to the aquatic centre to fit some swimming in as well. I am never opposed to a 20-30 minute run around my neighbouring suburbs also. Upon waking and making those first steps through the house it is not uncommon for a member of my family to find me using a bookshelf in the lounge room as a makeshift ballet barre to do a little classical training. Mainly I stick to non-dance related exercise and a mixture of Pilates and stretching.

Next week, rehearsals for our upcoming ‘Allegro’ season begin! There are bound to be some sore muscles as we switch from a highly classical performance season to a mixture of dance styles, some being very contemporary. As I always say, my camera is ready to capture some exciting shots of this season in progress and I look forward to sharing them in the weeks ahead!

Tonia 🙂