Dancing with style

The day draws ever closer. 4 days remain until we are jetting off to the United States. Amongst the newly bought winter woollies are very eager dancers, ready and rearing to go. Rehearsals, physiotherapy and last minute pre travel errands have kept me incredibly busy this week and my blog daily countdown has suffered. I am a firm believer that having a lot to do is never a bad thing so all this pre tour excitement is making me a very happy dancer indeed.

Gillian Murphy, Antonia Hewitt, Tonia Looker, Tamsin Cooper, Mayu Tanigaito, Abigail Boyle and Lucy Green

Gillian Murphy, Antonia Hewitt, Tonia Looker, Tamsin Cooper, Mayu Tanigaito, Abigail Boyle and Lucy Green

Despite the sweat, grunt and hard working days in studio there is always room for a little style and allure! Today I had the privilege to meet NZ fashion designer Tamsin Cooper. Dressed in pink and lace and looking ever so glamorous she is simply charming. Tamsin has been so kind as to provide the female dancers with evening bags perfect for an after show function in the U.S.A, and we get to keep them too! Feeling special! Tamsin has also designed an evening coat for Gillian Murphy. In a quote from The New Zealand Herald Tamsin says “Travelling to New York with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, and creating a signature coat for a ballerina as incredible as Gillian Murphy and accessories for the ballerinas, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

On the top floor of RNZB headquarters, hair sprayed, make up applied and favourite rehearsal gear chosen, Antonia, Abigail, Lucy, Mayu, Gillian and I gathered for our photo shoot with Tamsin. Set in the wardrobe department, tutus hanging from the ceiling, reams of vibrant fabric, costume racks bursting with tulle skirts and assorted lycra provided the perfect environment for the shoot. It was most certainly a wonderful afternoon.

We finished our day with a meeting discussing the itinerary of the tour. Reality is setting in. We really are going on tour soon and it’s time to pack. Hopefully I can fit my giant winter coat, boots, spare pointe shoes and rehearsal gear as well as everything else into my suitcase. I can’t wait to get on the plane and head to L.A!

Tonia 🙂