Month: September 2014

Ending with many beginnings…

The end of another year nears with many beginnings. Here at RNZB headquarters we are welcoming a new artistic director- Francesco Ventriglia and also a new ballet mistress- Sandrine Cassini.
Not only do we have many new faces, but also a new season to sink our teeth into before the end of the year. Our Vodafone season of ‘A Christmas Carol’ has us brushing up our singing and acting skills as well as providing many different styles of dance, making it a very engaging and challenging rehearsal period for all the right reasons. I think this is quickly becoming one of my favourite shows to rehearse in my career so far!
More on ‘A Christmas Carol’ to come but for now I have some pointe shoe excitement to share.
Crucial to any female ballet dancer are her pointe shoes. The shoe cannot simply be good, but must be as close to perfect as possible for each dancer. For this reason we are constantly obsessing over what we can do as dancers to make our shoes fit perfectly. Here is where my shoe news comes into play.

Our new ballet mistress, Sandrine, has been giving some really awesome tips regarding pointe shoes. One particular tip is a clever ribbon tying trick that she has graciously agreed to let me video so that I can show you all! Look out for the video coming very soon! Pictured below is my newest pointe shoe alteration- notice that the material on the side of the shoe has been ‘cut down’ to make them hug my foot and reduce the extra material ‘baggy’ look. My shoes now fit like a glove and I am very happy with the feel of them! What do you think? Let me know any pointe shoe related questions you may have and I will endeavor to answer them from all the many dancers and staff expertise. More tips and rehearsal news to come! Tonia 🙂