Stage brained…

Our job is to make the hard stuff look easy. Elegance, grace, poise, power, agility, strength, stamina, musicality and on top of that, sparkling eyes and a smile. The moment you step onto the stage these are some of the things you hope to pass on to an audience. The unseen component is the mental process that occurs through a show. From the moment you wake on a show day there is a certain focus. A different energy exists. Ballet class and rehearsals prepare your body and maintain strength and ability before and during a performance season. A show day feels like a heightened sense of these rehearsed focuses. Having just performed in Dunedin, here is a glimpse into my mental process during our most recent show.

Whilst getting ready, makeup lights warming the dressing room and music sounding through my speakers, my mind is already on the show ahead. Thinking through corrections I have received from a previous show and steps I want to make more out of, or aspects of my character that I want to play on. I try not to spend too much time thinking on one thing though. I have learnt that thinking too much about aspects of the show can do more harm than good. Therefore playing music keeps me balanced. I will often sing along. It always keeps me calm during pre show prep. I will never forget during ‘Cinderella’ season when choreographer Christopher Hampson came to wish me good luck and I was singing at the top of my voice to Hunters and Collectors- ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’. An embarrassing moment but I was certainly in a good pre show mood!

Costume on and the announcement from stage management that the stage is set, I make my descent downstairs with my fellow dancers to stage. I try out a few steps, getting a feel for the space and lights. I like to keep my body moving during this time, keeping my muscles active. I am a big fan of positive affirmations. I have a few that I like to think about before curtain up. “Live what you love”, “no regrets” and “you’ve got this” crop up a lot in my mind right before I head out on stage. Not the most original of sayings but they really help along with a smile! I enjoy the little nervous/excited buzz I feel before I step out onto stage. I know that this adrenalin will help me power through.

The moment I first step out on stage my mind goes quiet for a second. It’s a wonderful moment, just taking in the audience and the instant in time. As I continue dancing I think about what I am trying to achieve with each step that I am performing. I remind myself to breathe when steps become tiring and it is in these moments when you really have to steel your brain and not give in to fatigue. The amount of times the thought “nearly there, you can do it” has occurred is innumerable. It is this combination of physical exertion and mental stamina that makes dancing so personally rewarding. Add to that an audience and artistic expression and it’s a feeling that is simply wonderful! Tomorrow we make the long bus journey to Napier! With my overnight bag packed for our 2 day visit I look forward to another couple of shows! Tonia 🙂


  1. Great post! Fascinating reading, and awesome photos too. (LOVELY pic of Alayna!) Enjoy beautiful Napier – not long now till you all get to ‘the 09’ . . 😉

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