Trekking to Timaru

It may have been a grizzly, grey day with rain smattering the bus, but that couldn’t hide the beauty that surrounded us as we drove through Arthur’s Pass on our way to Timaru from Greymouth. No amount of rain was going to stop us from walking a mini trek to see the Devils Punchbowl Falls.
Cascading waterfall charm, despite the hand and toe numbing cold, warmed our spirits. Fresh air, exercise and beautiful scenery provided the perfect intermission in our long day of travel. I even saw my first Kea bird.

Today we perform in Timaru. Despite the fact that I have come down with a nasty cold (seems to be going round the company at the moment) , the show must go on! I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes makeup, costume and warmup preparations soon!
Tonia 🙂


  1. Hope you get over your cold soon! Great kea pictures, so beautiful. I’ve never been to the Devil’s Punchbowl, but after seeing so much of it from everybody all over Instagram yesterday, it’s definitely on my to-do list!

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