Dancing in the Sunshine!

Tonia Looker :)

Tonia Looker- thanks to Alayna Ng for taking this photo 🙂

Just over a week. That is all that remains of our Tower Tutus on Tour season. Travelling through the mountainous South Island feels like being permanently in a picture perfect postcard. Everything is just so glorious. Hot sunshine and cool seawater have turned everyone into beach loving, relaxed and happy travellers. This cheerfulness has unquestionably carried through to the stage. What a seriously cool job this is! Despite constantly changing performing environments, shows have consistently gone smoothly, very occasional slips and falls aside.

As I edit my most recent photos one thought keeps jumping to the foreground. That is to say, they really speak for themselves. NZ is a beauty so unique and wonderful in itself that there is not much to say than to simply be thankful for this opportunity to see it!

We have been lucky enough to have a very obliging bus driver who goes by the nickname of Fish. Happily detouring at our request to see more of the South Island in between venues. A big thanks to Fish! Without whom we would miss out on animal farms, “the best Fish and Chips ever in Greymouth”, seaside swimming stops and walking trails. What a legend!

Next post- behind the scenes preparation for the show! Makeup, costume and warmups!!

Tonia 🙂 – for more photo fun I am a frequent instragrammer- toniaroselooker


  1. Ahhh, I LOVE Alayna’s dress!! So pretty! Plus that is one VERY cute goat. Amazing pics, you truly appear to be living the dream. 😊
    (Is that Antonia pointing the wrong way? There’s always one, isn’t there . . . )

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