Month: December 2011

Moments in photography 2011 ♡

2011. It really has been a very busy year to be me. The year started with performances around the North Island of New Zealand and proved to be the perfect time to capture the beautiful country that NZ truly is.

Next came rehearsals for our next season called the Stravinsky Selection which challenged my make-up skills as I painted on complex ballerina doll make-up each show. During this time we also prepared a triple bill season which we took to the U.K and France.

London!!! What a wonderful city. So much to see and do. The overseas trip was full of so many moments of happiness and to have the opportunity to dance there was such an honour.

Returning from our overseas tour brought the biggest season of the year. Sleeping Beauty. This was the most challenging and one of the most rewarding seasons I have experienced with The Royal New Zealand Ballet.

Now home and happy to be enjoying time with my beautiful family in Melbourne. I feel content to take a step back from my busy life and enjoy the holiday season. Of course, as one of my personality traits is that I adore always being on the get go I have kept a little active so far over my Christmas break. I am happy to have rediscovered time to get into photography and long walks to get the mind and body going.

Here I have compiled some images that I have photographed in 2011. There are images taken for my photographic course and just general moments of life that are moments of happiness. 2012 is now nearly here. I look forward to the adventure.

Tonia         21.12.2011